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ProTransLog provides international transportation of cargo by road transport. We will selecta vehicle specially for you, work out a route, prepare the necessary documents and deliver the cargoas quick and accurately as possible in compliance with the legislation of transit countries.

We offer:

  • Transport services: selection of a vehicle, transportation, loading operations;
  • Working out of a route, taking into account specific features of traffic environment, road network and formal requirements of different countries to a certain cargo
  • Preparation of documents at all stages of cargo transportation andsettlement of customs matters;
  • "Door-to-door" delivery of cargo.

We provide transport and forwarding services across Estonia and outside its territory.Our team can undertake all the work related todelivery preparation and performance, or perform separate procedures and calculations.

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Transportation of oversized cargo is a complicated procedure that requires special skills and a high degree of responsibility. The more composite the construction is, the rarerspecial-purpose machinery is required for itstransportation. And the harder it is to get a transportation authorization.

Transport and logistics operator ProTransLog offers a full range of services involving the transportation of oversized cargo. We transport all kinds of oversized cargo, including special equipment, composite constructions, building materials, industrial equipment, yachtsandautoboats.

Our services:

  • Selection of vehicles with regard to the size and weight of your cargo;
  • Working out of a routein accordance with transportation requirements,taking into account the road width, clear headroom, unloaded weight restrictions, etc.;
  • Preparation of documents and permits for the transportation of oversized cargo across the territory of Russia and abroad;
  • Coordination of special procedures related to the transportation of oversized cargo in some route sectors;
  • Provision of loading and unloading of oversized cargo.
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Refrigerated transportation

When transporting food products with a short shelf life, medicines or flowers, as well as in many other cases, it is necessary to use a vehicle with a refrigerator. A proper selection of specialized vehicles and strict deadline management are the guarantee of a successful delivery of perishable products.

ProTransLog provides services involving the organization of refrigerated road transportation. We have different classes of refrigerators with different temperature characteristics and the usable volume inside.

We perform all kinds of procedures associated with the delivery of perishable goods from abroad and across Estonia:

  • Provision ofa vehicle with a refrigerator and necessary temperature conditions;
  • Route working out, taking into account the capacity of a refrigerator and its compulsory technical maintenance.;
  • Preparation of documents related to the transportation and customs clearance;

To order a refrigerated road vehicle and a transportation itself,fill in a request form on ourwebsite or call us at +372 56 231 949. Our experts will tell in detail about the transportation of perishable goods, refrigerated transportation cost and terms of cooperation.

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One of the main Cargo Russia activity areas is container shipping across Russia. Our company owns a fleet of modern tracks with the universal container areas for any types of freights.

Our abilities:

  • All our vehicles are fitted with the GLONASS/ GPS, transport monitoring system which allows to control the freight traffic across the whole route;
  • On-line information support for our clients, personal manager service;
  • For extra security guarantee we offer freight insurance voluntary service in the biggest russian insurance companies;
  • A complete solution of our clients’ objects including handling operations, issuance of any type of shipping documents, warehouse storage and goods handling;
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International Air Transportation

Today’s air transportation is the fastest way to deliver the goods and in some cases, does not have alternatives. Transportation of perishable goods over long distances, deliveries to remote areas, as well as urgency imply the use of air transportation.

ProTransLog provides cargo transportation by air in all directions. We organize charter cargo flights, or deliver your cargo via one of the scheduled flights. Cooperation with several airlines provides favorable terms of air transportation we gladly offer our customers.

Our services include:

  • Delivery of cargo from a warehouse of the supplier to the aircraft
  • Preparation of documents and customs clearance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Cargo transportation to the customer's warehouse.

You can get all the information on the cost of international air transportation, route planning and actual bonuses by calling to Tallinn +372 56231949 .

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