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Delivery of Consolidated Cargoes by Sea

Multiload delivery by sea - large segment of cargo transportation market. The small consignments belonging to different customers are transported on one vessel along one route. It allows to provide expeditious delivery and reduce the small consignments transportation price

The way sea delivery is performing:

  • Freight arrives on a carrier warehouse, put in the container and marked
  • Cargo and customs paperwork
  • The consignment from different senders is loaded on the vessel and is delivered in the appointed point
  • Goods pass customs cleaning in the point of destination and are delivered to customers

ransportation by the sea is especially profitable in case this service is provided by the large logistic operator. The transport-forwarding company "Cargo Russia" constantly works with a big flow of customers and will arrange regular shipping along popular routes. You can learn about terms and cost of multiload delivery by phone in Tallinn +372 56231949 .

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