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One of the most actual ways of long distance transportation is sea transport and in particular, multimodal container shipping. Statistically, the INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER SHIPPING is on the first place on range and popularity among all other types of delivery. The reason of such a high demand is CONTAINER SHIPPING being the most unified way of transportation all over the world.

Container, being a freight unit, is easily overloaded from different types of transport, for example, from a sea-craft on the terminal and further on the truck with the special flatbed trailer or a flat.120 countries of the world have open ports which are performing handling of containers. Such large number of receiving ports, and also availability of various bulk containers allow to perform various volume capacity freight delivery in any point of the world. If to plan the transportation route correctly it will take a little time and rather low investments.

INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER SHIPPING has a number of uncountable advantages.

  • First of all it is the most economic method of deliveries. Its cost for fraction of the price, than, for example, air transportation. It is possible to ship freight of various dimensions and deliver to the destination without problems.
  • By means of CONTAINER SHIPPING it is possible to transfer the freight practically from any point of the world
  • Fixed transit time between loading/unloading ports
  • High capacity
  • Goods safety in a shipping container.

ProTransLog is ready to perform a cargo delivery for you, using the international shipping. Moreover, we are ready to provide complex services which includes land delivery in the port, loading, shipment, cargo reception in the port of destination, customs clearance and further transportation to your warehouse.

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